Sautéed Winter Greens with Spicy Italian Sausage and Farfalle

Sautéed Winter Greens with Spicy Italian Sausage and Farfalle Serves 4 This is the third recipe in the Delicious Winter Greens series Italian cooks have combined winter greens with sausage and pasta for generations; this recipe shows why. Vibrant colors … Continue reading →

Summer Fingerling Potato Salad

Summer Fingerling Potato Salad Serves 4 First, just so my patriotism will not be questioned, I love traditional, all American, russet potato salad with mayonnaise style dressing. I also enjoy the French style potato salad made with new potatoes, Dijon … Continue reading →

Fresh Fennel and Sausage Soup

Pressured to Perfection in 20 Minutes Here’s to the pantry, refrigerated and frozen leftovers and the magic of a pressure cooker. Absolutely delicious Italianesque vegetable and sausage soup in 30 minutes, from beginning to the table. It was a classic … Continue reading →

Split Pea Soup : Real Food

Last weekend in Sonoma I had a delicious example of Real Food, steaming hot homemade Split Pea Soup from the stove of our good friend Steve Arelt. Making enough for a hearty first sitting with plenty left over to freeze … Continue reading →