Lettuce Talk Salad Dressings

In 1947, while he was head chef at Hollywood’s famous Brown Derby, Robert Kries brought his popular Italian salad dressing to the commercial market.  Called Good Seasons, it consisted of two packets of dried herbs with spices and a glass cruet … Continue reading →

Real Food : Using it All at Uwajimaya

BREAST FRAMES? IN THE GROCERY STORE?? It’s true, and they cost a mere $.99 a pound. One of my all time favorite markets is Uwajimaya where I shop regularly in the new Bellevue store, east of Lake Washington. Owned and … Continue reading →

Fresh Fennel and Sausage Soup

Pressured to Perfection in 20 Minutes Here’s to the pantry, refrigerated and frozen leftovers and the magic of a pressure cooker. Absolutely delicious Italianesque vegetable and sausage soup in 30 minutes, from beginning to the table. It was a classic … Continue reading →