Sassy Sautéed Bell Peppers

Sassy Sauteed Bell Peppers Serves 4 This recipe from The What To Fix For Dinner Cookbook, was created by Caprial Pence when she was head chef at Fullers in Seattle’s Sheraton Hotel. The fresh, slightly spicy flavor, crunchy texture and … Continue reading →

Plan Now For Last Minute Dinners

I really love to cook, and I spend part of every day reading or writing about food. I enjoy planning menus, inventing recipes and grocery shopping (most of the time). I go to farmers markets once or twice a week … Continue reading →

Dijon Glaze

This glaze seals the pores of fish, meat or chicken during high heat cooking (roasting, grilling, or frying).  The seal prevents loss of natural juices, and the Dijon herb combination adds delicious, basic flavor.  I promise that this glaze will … Continue reading →

Homemade Moroccan Spice Paste

If you can’t get Patak’s Garam Masala Curry Paste® this is a good substitute.  It is also a good basting sauce on grilled or baked chicken, pork, flank steak, prawns, halibut, Chilean sea bass, or other firm-fleshed, white fish. Moroccan … Continue reading →