The Oxbow Box Project

Fresh By Northwest is among several northwest blogs participating in the Oxbow Box Project, a lively food experiment hosted by Oxbow Farm. Each blog received an Oxbow CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box, and in return agreed to describe the offerings … Continue reading →

Beet Pudding

Beet Pudding* Serves 4-6 This classic vegetable pudding originated in the French countryside. There is nothing fancy about it, and with only these few ingredients the natural beet flavor stays true. A bright green vegetable like broccoli served along side … Continue reading →

Fresh Beet Salad Three Ways

Beets : The Crown Jewels of a Summer Garden In mid August, dirt-crusted crowns pop up out of the ground announcing that beets are ready to pick. Ranging in size from a toddler’s wooden bead to a golf ball, beets … Continue reading →