Chevre Soufflé with Tapenade, Crostini and Arugula

Chevre Soufflé with Tapenade, Crostini and Arugula Serves 4 If you are thinking of inviting friends over for a glass of wine, consider this tasty, individually plated appetizer. Calamata olive tapenade complements the flavor of mild chevre and the arugula … Continue reading →

Chevre Ice Cream

Chevre Ice Cream Makes 1 Pint, Serves 6 Ice cream, a given part of American life… the part that means sweet, end- of- the- day indulgence, birthday cake’s “other half,” a required top hat for apple pie or, with the … Continue reading →

Fresh Beet Salad Three Ways

Beets : The Crown Jewels of a Summer Garden In mid August, dirt-crusted crowns pop up out of the ground announcing that beets are ready to pick. Ranging in size from a toddler’s wooden bead to a golf ball, beets … Continue reading →