Sopa de Albondigas

Albondigas Soup Serves 6-8 Nutritious and comforting, hearty soups are cold weather staples throughout the world. For centuries, most of these soups were made from whatever meat was left on bones along with scraps of greens and root vegetables. They … Continue reading →

Chorizo Empanadas

Recently summer came to the Northwest in earnest, and so to celebrate we sat outside with friends. As the sun went down we drank chilled Prosecco touched with Aperol (called Aperol aperitivo) and ate Chorizo Empanadas and Fresh Corn Fritters … Continue reading →

Root Vegetable Tex Mex Hash

Root Vegetable Tex-Mex Hash Serves 4 Hints Remember the part about “without making them taste like something they aren’t”? Keep a light touch with the seasoning so it won’t overpower overwhelm the delicate, individual root flavors. I keep dried Tex … Continue reading →