Special Christmas Breakfast : Brioche French Toast

If I close my eyes I still can feel the excitement surrounding my childhood Christmases. I smell the tree, see the lighted village on top of the piano with its tiny twinkling houses, skaters on the mirror pond and laughing … Continue reading →

Russian Pancakes

Russian Pancakes Straight from the Babushka’s Cape An enthusiastic cook, my 13-year-old grand daughter Ella received a crêpe pan for Christmas. Our conversation about it inspired thoughts of crêpes, blintzes, blinis, Swedish pancakes and my mother’s creative license recipe for Russian … Continue reading →

Root Vegetable Tex Mex Hash

Root Vegetable Tex-Mex Hash Serves 4 Hints Remember the part about “without making them taste like something they aren’t”? Keep a light touch with the seasoning so it won’t overpower overwhelm the delicate, individual root flavors. I keep dried Tex … Continue reading →