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I was going through my Twitter feed this morning and came across this tweet from History Link:

history link twitter

A historical tidbit like that is just the right thing to get me looking for patterns in time and circumstance.

Today is the first day of the Yang Metal Horse month, also known as Geng Wu. June 6, 1889 was also the first day of a Yang Metal Horse month. Here are the two charts:

Thursday June 6, 1889 2:45 pm

Thursday June 6, 1889 2:45 pm

Friday June 6, 2014 2:45 pm

Friday June 6, 2014 2:45 pm

You may already know that because this is a Yang Wood Horse year we can expect fire to be very strong in 2014, however, at certain points this year the energetic cycles will create super fiery phases. With two horses in the chart from now until July 6 we can expect extra strong fire. It’s the perfect set up for days and hours where fire will be particularly intense.

Representations of the Fire Element

Moving quickly forward and upward
Triangular shapes
Fame; notoriety
Creative ideas
Spontaneous awareness or understanding
Warmth; Heat
The colors red, pink and purple

Certain combinations of branches getting together in the chart, such as Tiger-Horse-Dog and Snake-Horse-Sheep, are the reason for the flare ups. Here are the days that will be real scorchers:

June 8 – Metal Dog
June 12 – Wood Tiger
June 17 – Earth Sheep
June 20 – Water Dog
June 24 – Fire Tiger
June 29 – Metal Sheep
July 2 – Wood Dog

I’m not going to hazard any predictions about what this month will bring – even if I did they would have to be pretty general. Depending on your day master element fire can represent one of 5 things in your chart: self, wealth, power, output or resource. Pay attention to events, your thoughts and feelings and you will understand the effects of fire on your chart this month even if you know nothing about astrology.

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