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I missed this post when I was doing my forecast roundup for 2014. In a sense it doesn’t “fit” with the others on the list because it is written by a consultant who uses a westernized form of the traditional Later Heaven Bagua.

The Bagua as it is used for Western School or BTB Feng Shui. It is oriented from the front door rather than compass directions

The Bagua as it is used for Western School or BTB Feng Shui. It is oriented from the front door rather than compass directions.

In the western method the bagua is static and it’s orientation is not based on compass directions. Still, from the perspective of five elements I’d say the post is an accurate summary of the energy of the last couple of years and a good prediction for this year.

A lot of talk goes around among those who study and practice feng shui. From novices to masters, the discussions tend to revolve around which school or method “has it right”. If you’ve been in this game long enough you will start to understand that there are many people who “have it right”, that is to say they get results. They are not all from the same school, and use different methods. If you are not comfortable with relativism then a career in the world of metaphysics is not for you.

From a client’s perspective, it is much simpler. Most western clients are not concerned with who taught their consultant or what method/school is applied. What they want is results.

Simply stated, anyone who understands and is practicing based on yin/yang theory and the Theory of Five Elements is on the right track, no matter how they dress it up. Some people are uncomfortable with the fact that this leaves the door open to New Age ideas, approaches and inventions – not to mention the marketing opportunities. The placebo effect does help some, at least for the short term. Some consultants are comfortable selling you the remedy they just prescribed for your house, others will help you make changes that are unrecognizable as feng shui adjustments using the stuff you already have.

Of course it’s up to you to decide who you want to hire. Find someone that feels like a good fit to you but don’t forget to ask about the basic core theories of their feng shui methods. If they don’t mention yin/yang or five elements then feng shui is not what they are practicing.

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