Dynamite Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica ‘Whit II’)

Crapemyrtle* is a multi trunked, deciduous tree that is native to China, Japan, Korea and South Asia. It is grown both for its long blooming season as well as its smooth, greyish bark that it sheds each year. The leaves … Continue reading →

Vaccinium ovatum “Thunderbird” (Huckleberry)

Vaccinium ovatum “Thunderbird”, also known as huckleberry, has to be one of the best year round native evergreens for the Pacific Northwest garden and yet you hardly ever see it in the urban landscape. This is surprising since it always … Continue reading →

Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna)

Deadly nightshade is a highly toxic shrub-like perennial from the nightshade family Solanaceae, which also includes potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant and chile peppers. It grows rampant in Seattle and I suspect it is spread by being ingested by rabbits and … Continue reading →