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Malus Everest Crab Apple Tree

Branches heavy with the fruit of Malus x “Everest” Crab Apple Tree

It must have been a lucky day for me the day I chose Malus x “Everest” at Classic Nursery near Woodinville. I didn’t know all that much about crab apple trees except that they have beautiful blooms in the spring and tiny fruits in the summer and fall. I guess I could have done more research but instead on the way there I convinced myself that some great selection would be available. It was spring and optimism was in the air.

The nursery had 6 or 7 varieties of crab apple in stock that day. That alone convinced me I had come to the right place. I chose Everest (also known as Evereste) for its cinnamon amber colored bark and flattish aspect. The flower buds are a deep pink, followed by the delicate white flowers. Everest is the perfect size for a small garden and will provide hours of interest for bee and bird watchers.

That was two years ago. When I started writing this post I realized that Malus x “Everest” is part of the family Rosaceae or Rose Family. I just can’t seem to stay away from it.

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