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Here is the natal chart of Joseph Biden. He was born November 20, 1942 at 8:30 am in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Joe Biden is a yin fire person or day master. He has the qualities of a natural leader.

Joe Biden Birth Chart freshxnw

I decided to do this post mainly as a contrast to the natal chart of Donald Trump. While The Donald has no water in his natal chart, Joe has quite a bit. Everywhere you see a Ren or a Gui that is water. Be sure to look at the hidden elements too.

A person with that much water in the natal chart is naturally more inclined to be intelligent and sensitive. In the case of Joe Biden, many people would say that he is too emotional which is seen as a weakness. Interestingly, for a yin fire person like Joseph Biden water also represents his power.

It is difficult to resist Joe Biden’s sincerity and talent for speaking, but there is often awkwardness in his every day words and actions. He has both polarities of output: yin earth (Ji) in the day branch and yang earth (Wu) in the hour branch. The real life manifestation of this can be seen in the contrast between his frequent gaffes (Wu) and his ability to get people to join his cause (Ji). The energetic relationship between Ding and Wu is called “hurting officer”, meaning that his speech, actions or emotions may damage his reputation.

It’s almost like there are two Joe Bidens. On the one hand, his emotional intelligence and power (water) combined with the Ox in his day branch make him a moving and charismatic speaker. Unfortunately, at times the Dragon in the hour branch kicks in and he comes across as goofy and creepy because of his touchy feely side.

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