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Many people have written about the natal chart of Donald Trump. Since they all have more knowledge and have spent more time studying than I have there is no need for me to do a lengthy analysis. I’ll just get to the point. There’s not a drop of water in his chart. The water element is missing.

Here is the natal chart of Donald Trump. He was born June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am in New York City.

Donald Trump birth chart freshxnw

The element of water is associated with wisdom, intelligence, emotion, fear, flexibility, calmness, receptiveness. With a chart completely void of water, does that mean he is emotionless and stupid? No.

But it does mean that he doesn’t have a great capacity for wisdom, empathy and compassion. He just doesn’t go there. You may have noticed how shallow his attacks on the other candidates are in the recent debate. He doesn’t deal much with the actual issues, just throws out provocative remarks about the others. He doesn’t have any real information to offer but continues to promise that it’s coming. Even so, his chart works quite well without the water and many people consider him a great success.

What Donald Trump does have in his chart is lots of fire, which in his case represents resource. This fire element represents what he has been given through the help of his parents as well as his education.

Curious about your own natal chart? Do you have water? Resource?

Determining Resource in Your Natal Chart

The element in the day stem is called the self element or the day master. You use it to guide your understanding of all the other elements in the chart and vice versa. Here are the elements that represent resource for each day master:

Wood person (Jia, Yi) = water
Fire person (Bing, Ding) = wood
Earth person (Wu, Ji) = fire
Metal person (Geng, Xin) = earth
Water person (Ren, Gui) = metal

If you don’t already have a copy of your chart, please click here to calculate it or ask me to send you a copy. You’ll need to provide your birth date, including the hour if possible and the location where you were born.

Election Year 2016 – Year of the Fire Monkey

With the advent of the Fire Monkey year Donald Trump will have more access to the water element due to a Monkey -Snake combination in his chart. Some people have said this will be lucky for him but I’m not convinced. It will definitely create a situation that he will have to work to control. Even if it was good for the chart, the water energy is so unfamiliar to him that I don’t think he can use it to his advantage.

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