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Brodiaea Ida Maia or California Firecracker

It’s almost spring, despite what you may see when you look out the window. My advice is to go outside and look down instead. Looking down will make your hooded raincoat more effective, as well as raising your spirits when you see the daffodils and azaleas blooming and the peony shoots coming up. Who knows, you might even be inspired to pull a few weeds.

Chaenomeles superba “Hollandia” – Flowering Quince

This year the vernal equinox occurs on March 20th. Even with the snow we had in January and now again in March it’s actually been a pretty mild winter. If you want evidence go out to your garden and take a look at what has wintered over that didn’t make it last year.

In honor of the coming of spring I wanted to remind everyone that Heidi’s recipes are seasonal and can be accessed either by visiting the page or clicking on spring (or summer, etc.) in the tag cloud.

On a slightly different note Heidi would like you to know she will not be posting again until April. We have plenty of recipes to keep you busy until then so get to clicking.

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