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Pinkish buds before they are open

My Helleborus Orientalis “Mardi Gras” Double bounced back quite well this year after a mild winter.

Standing tall in March 2012

When the pinkish buds and then the flowers appeared I realized they were slightly different than I remembered.

Hellebore Orientalis “Mardi Gras” Double with Red Dragon Twig

I don’t know if it’s the weather or the soil, or a combination of both but the flowers are much more colorful this year than they were last year. I suspect the soil is the main culprit because last year was the year I planted it. It was still running off of it’s nursery soil and fertilizer.

Reminiscent of a Peony or Rose

When the sun came out I couldn’t resist taking some pictures. It seems like the blooms that don’t get as much sun are less pink.

This bloom gets less sun and has retained its white and green more than the others.

The sun is already going away…but it will be back later today. Or tomorrow.

A bug’s eye view

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