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Hillary Rodham Clinton was born October 26, 1947 in Chicago, IL. Her birth time is unknown but I believe there is enough evidence available to support that she was born around 8am.*

Here is her natal chart:

Hillary Clinton Natal Chart freshxnw

Hillary Clinton is a yang earth person. Does she have what it takes to be the next President of the United States? Here’s the Five Element breakdown.

Earth element

She’s got a solid base of supporters.

Yang earth (Wu)

Hillary is a Wu (yang earth) person Everywhere you see a Wu in the chart you see her supporters, the majority of which are always women. I say women because they have the same polarity as Hilary, meaning they are both yang earth.

There is even more Wu hidden in the Chen (Dragon) of the hour branch. Many of the causes she is known for supporting and furthering have to do with women and women’s concerns, i.e. children. In a Gallup poll taken in March of this year, 56% of women gave her a good rating while only 44% of men rated her favorably. If there is anything that can give her an edge in this campaign it is her women supporters.

Yin earth (Ji)

Look for Ji in her natal chart and you’ll find there isn’t any. Ji would be male friends or supporters. If she could get more men on her side it would be hard to keep her from becoming the next president, but in Hillary’s case Ji earth is not favorable. Ji is present in 2015 (Yi Wei), because hidden inside of Wei there is Ji. She has had to face a lot of attacks on her reputation from her mostly male peers in 2015.

The lack of Ji also predicts that Hillary is not good at the art of persuasion. She is also not good at social media.

Metal element

Hillary has some creativity to combine with her analytical skills and can bring innovative programs in fairly quickly. Her creativity is a bit heavy handed in its execution. Remember her role in what everyone now calls Obamacare?

Yang metal (Geng)

Hillary is good at the long game and will make sure Ts are crossed and Is are dotted. You might not realize it, but she is working on perfecting her next project right now.

Yin metal (Xin)

Xin is not present in the natal chart so Hillary has a hard time appealing to younger voters. She is not good at chit chat and the sound bite type of entertainment that entertains people. Instead, she seems too rigid, didactic and boring – or she says something stupid like claiming she is “flat broke”. People think she lacks a sense of humor. People want her to be more “real” by which I think they mean spontaneous. She isn’t good at that.

Lately she is trying to be more entertaining but it just comes off as awkward because she is not used to using that element. She should keep working on it or find a way to use her yin wood element (Yi) more effectively on behalf of young people.

Water element

She’s smart and she’s got plenty of money. She seems cold hearted at times, but that is because the water is hidden.

Yang water (Ren)

Hillary has more money and feelings than you think. Don’t be fooled because she is not a conspicuous consumer, doesn’t seem interested in showing off her wealth, and doesn’t like to talk about her money or show her emotions.

Yin water (gui)

Because the water is in the hour branch she’s not going to run out of money. It may go away but it will keep on coming back.

Wood element

Hillary has the guts to make tough decisions without flinching but she also has the self control to keep her actions within the laws and constitution. Hillary’s comfort with smart power is due to the nature of the wood element in her chart. She can come down hard but she also has a compassionate side. There is a dual nature to her power and she is usually good at using it.

Hillary has both Jia (yang wood) and Yi (yin wood) in her natal chart. Right from the start this tells you she’s patient and she’s in it for the long haul. The longer she can stay in the game the more powerful she will become. Next year will bring an even greater growth of her power, but if she doesn’t get elected next year don’t count her out.

Hillary has even more going for her than that. Her day pillar Wu Yin (Earth Tiger) is one of the best pillars for political power and leadership.

Yang wood (Jia)

Hilary has a proven track record of getting things done and making tough decisions without flinching – see her recent book Hard Choices. This is a great example of how the yang wood of the Tiger and the yang earth in the day stem are interacting. The elemental relationship is about power, control and winning. She has been called “hawkish” meaning she is ready to go to war when she sees fit. A woman with this type of energy in America is sometimes labelled as a “bitch” or at the least as “not very nice”. She doesn’t seem to do nice. In Hilary’s case, her yang wood is not gentle but is inclined to be kind or compassionate – sort of a benign dictator. Again, look to the causes she supports for evidence.

How does she handle the email scandal? She feels no need to apologize or explain. There is no evidence at this time that she has gained some advantage by keeping her email private but her attitude about it is unsettling. It may be getting too late to apologize or admit error.

Yin wood (Yi)

Yin wood is hidden in the Dragon hour branch. Hillary needs it to have a fighting chance at being president because it balances the qualities of the yang wood. Without the yin wood she might operating too far outside of the laws to stand up to the kind of public scrutiny a political candidate will have to endure. The Yi will keep her out of trouble.

How does she handle the email scandal? She reminds you that she never went outside the law or policy. Each time she is asked about it she says “it was allowed” to reassure you that she can play by the rules.

Fire element

She is good at analysis and has the experience and knowledge to be a competent and successful president. Of all five elements, the one Hillary has the most of is Fire or resource. In fact, there is fire in all four pillars.

Yang fire (Bing)

Hillary can see a few steps ahead in the game that is her career. She can identify key patterns and points that allow her to put forth innovative legislation.

Yin fire (Ding)

Hillary knows her facts, stays up to date on her information, and can win an argument by using these strengths.

Timing and The Peach Blossom Factor

Here’s the main thing that I think is working against Hillary’s run for the nomination: timing.

The branch that we call “peach blossom” for Hillary’s chart is Mao or Rabbit branch. There is no rabbit in the natal chart. Peach blossom is the type of energy that makes you attractive and draws people to you. A woman without peach blossom in the highest position of power may be too much for a male dominated culture to accept. If she had it she would have more male supporters and possibly more young people. It would be very difficult for anyone to beat her.

The only way for her to enjoy the peach blossom effect of the rabbit branch is through timing. From 1992-2002 her 10 year luck pillar was Yi Mao – for this 10 year period the Rabbit was present. If you look at photos of her from this time she is at her most attractive and looks happier than you ever see her again. She could really use that kind of luck now.

*Clinton, Hilary Rodham (Scroll down for Source Notes at Astro.com)

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