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This is the Four Pillars Chart of Cesar Millan. He was born August 27, 1969 in Culiacán, Mexico. The birth hour is unknown.

Dog in the Day Branch : Is What You See What You Get?

Cesar Millan Birth Chart freshxnw

Cesar is a Jia (yang wood) person with a Xu or Dog day branch. The Dog branch is associated with the earth element. It contains the hidden elements of metal and fire. For Cesar earth represents money and his wife or girlfriend.

The location of Dog in the chart is the day branch or spouse palace. If you want to know what sort of environment a person lives in or what their spouse is like this is one place to look. What if the element that represents the person’s spouse is not in the spouse palace? Look elsewhwere.

Speaking of Dog I am talking about energy – not actual dogs. Still, I find it fascinating that he has spent most of his life around dogs and continues to do so. He even lives with them. Cesar himself says he is good with dog relationships but not as good at human relationships. A coincidence?

The Dog Whisperer : Indirect Resource

The month stem in Cesar’s chart is Ren (yang water), the resource and producer of the wood element. It is his main support in the chart. This type of water is called indirect resource and is the source of his intuition and his calm, patient presence. It gives him the ability to “read” the dogs by identifying patterns of behavior. Then he acts in accordance with what each dog needs, instinctively providing it in a way that changes the dog’s life for the better.

Timing and Combinations

2010 was a Metal Tiger (Geng Yin) year and it was a tough year for Cesar. As you will see, whenever Geng (yang metal) comes into the chart it triggers a combination that makes his life difficult. In this case, Daddy, Cesar’s wife and his money were combined out of the chart. His wife took the sons with her. In an interview Cesar says he lost his pack.

Cesar’s star dog Daddy died from cancer on February 19, 2010. This was a huge loss to him. Cesar often remarked that his dog Daddy (a pit bull terrier) was his main supporter and that he couldn’t have had the success that he did without him. He saw Daddy as a source of wisdom – a role model or mentor.

Every 10 years, the metal in the stem creates a metal combination in the branches. This is not good for a wood person like Cesar because when metal goes against wood there can be a lot of damage. Jia (yang wood) represents the head in five elements. When the metal attacks the wood in this chart, that can mean an attack on the head. A person may have mental illness, depression or even actually get hit in the head.

In March 2010 Cesar’s wife filed for divorce. The divorce led to his separation from his two sons Andre (born 1995) and Calvin (born in 2000?). He attempted suicide. Cesar started a new relationship with Jahira Dar in August of the same year. The flow of qi in his chart is pretty smooth so he was able to recover fairly quickly.

Whenever Geng comes into the chart he finds himself alone and starting over. He came to the US from Mexico in 1990 (Geng Wu or Metal Horse) and lived under bridges because he didn’t know anyone and didn’t know any English. I wonder what happened in 2000 (Geng Chen or Metal Dragon).

What’s Coming Next?

In 2016 Cesar will leave behind his 10 year luck pillar of Wu Chen (Earth Dragon). He is about enter a new luck pillar of Ding Mao (Fire Rabbit). With that being the case, another tough combination is coming that takes the water out of the chart and turns it into to a metal vs. wood situation. This will be intensified in 2017, the year of Ding You (Fire Rooster).

I wish him the best of luck.


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