Special Christmas Breakfast : Brioche French Toast

If I close my eyes I still can feel the excitement surrounding my childhood Christmases. I smell the tree, see the lighted village on top of the piano with its tiny twinkling houses, skaters on the mirror pond and laughing … Continue reading →

Caesar Salad, Caesar Dressing and Fabulous Croutons

Caesar salad is one of America’s most popular specialty salads with a history that has only a distant connection with Italy. If you are curious, the stories are fun to read. Both “original” recipes called for Romaine lettuce, probably because … Continue reading →

Real Food : Bolognese or Ragu

Bolo Ragu Serves 4 Another spectacular autumn morning in the northwest. Frost twinkles on the field, streaks of golden sunlight peak through fog, and apples engorged with juice hang precariously to their stems. Every fall my recipe mind thinks meaty … Continue reading →