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Artisan Cheese: Why You Should Care About Raw Milk has generated some great comments and received a good deal of Twitter and Facebook attention. Thanks to everyone interested enough to email, reply here and share over the Internet.

Yes, it is true; raw milk and raw milk products have been commercially outlawed in almost half of the states in our country.

Here is a link to a state-by-state listing of laws and regulations applicable to the commercial production and sale of raw milk and raw milk products.

A few choice findings:

  1. It’s OK to produce and sell raw milk and raw milk products in Mississippi if your farm has no more than 9 milk-producing goats lactating (and the others would produce milk how?)…
  2. Nevada allows the production and sale of raw milk and raw milk products with a certificate given at the county or city level. Only no certificate has ever been issued by either a county or city…
  3. Finally, check out Rhode Island. There it is illegal to buy raw milk or raw milk products with one exception. The milk has to be goat milk, and the buyer has to present a written prescription signed by a physician.

Next time you go to a supermarket or specialty food store, ask specifically for and then buy a wedge of raw milk cheese. Letting the commercial providers know that fine cheese is a desired commodity just might help.

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