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I don’t like to watch football, but I do like to cook, and people who watch football like to eat while they watch. The games last so long they might pass out from hunger without some snacks. So I thought to myself, why not make a special Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Menu for the game on Sunday?

I’ve made these bacon wrapped jalapeƱo popper thingies during the Seahawks’ last two games. In the game against the Panthers, the Seahawks scored right as I was serving the thingies.

cheese team

I made the thingies again during the game against the cheese team, and the Seahawks won. Therefore, my cooking brings good luck to the Seahawks. You just can’t argue with this kind of logic.

You’ll notice I’m going with a sort of green & blue menu in honor of the Seahawks, combined with a mexican food theme to reflect the geographical location of the game.


My husband wants to design the empanadas so that they look like real footballs with the laces and stripes. That’s just one example of how charged up people are about the Seahawks here in Seattle. Everywhere you go people are in a good mood and they all seem to be talking about the Seahawks. Pet owners are making their dogs and cats wear little capes with the number 12 on them. During the playoffs, people were out in the streets post-game lighting firecrackers right in my neighborhood which is nowhere near the stadium. Probably 90% of the people you see on the street right now are wearing some kind of Seahawks gear.

Even though I don’t like to watch football, the buzz around the Seahawks is lighting up the town with a fun energy. I hope they win. Go ‘Hawks!

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