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The Leftover Turkey Sandwich ready for Sunday football. Served with homemade onion dip and leftover veggies from Thanksgiving.

Last month I wrote about five sandwiches that go great with a football game. The “Leftover Turkey Sandwich” is a member of that list for one weekend a year – the weekend following Thanksgiving where football and sandwiches become a welcome break from big families and black fridays.

I wait until the Sunday after Thanksgiving to enjoy the Leftover Turkey Sandwich. I find I need a couple of days between Thursday’s feast and my Leftover Turkey Sandwich.

For my Leftover Turkey Sandwich the goal is to keep it simple but include one special ingredient to compliment the flavor of the bird like a good cheese, homemade mayo or artisan bread. You don’t want this sandwich to be like any old turkey sandwich.  I think it’s weird to recreate the Thanksgiving meal in sandwich form, so the stuffing and cranberry stay in the fridge. But the other leftovers from Thursday night are fair game. Pay attention to leftover hors d’oeuvres because there is often a good cheese or marinated peppers that the kids didn’t finish off. For this sandwich some leftover Boursin cheese works well and spreads on the bread easily. This allows me to skip the mayo. But if I didn’t have a spreadable cheese the mayo would do just fine.


Leftover turkey
Sourdough bread
Leftover spreadable cheese (Boursin in this case)
Red butter lettuce


  1. Toast the bread.
  2. Spread the cheese on both slices of bread.
  3. Add turkey to one slice.
  4. Shake pepper on to the turkey.
  5. Place lettuce on top of the turkey.

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