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Sometimes I feel like a bit of a ghoul in the pursuit of knowledge when it comes to feng shui and ba zi. Whenever I hear about someone’s misfortune, which people tend to discuss more than their good luck, I immediately start thinking of questions: When did that happen? How did the person die? In what part of the house did the fire start?

One time I heard of an acquaintance’s house burning down and had to restrain my self on more than one occasion from going to take a compass reading and trying to find out more about the events of that day. I ended up settling for looking at the land form on Google earth and doing a drive by. Sort of creepy, right?

The great thing about studying feng shui and ba zi is that you can analyze absolutely anything so you can study all the time. When you need more fodder for study it is not that difficult to get accurate and detailed information about natural disasters like an earthquake or a storm, or “public” things such as information about the latest celebrity death or political candidates birth charts. The question in my mind is always “why?” Why at that moment on that day in that year did such and such happen? Timing is an important component in both feng shui and ba zi.

In this year of the Water Dragon (Ren Chen) many feng shui masters and consultants predicted we would see natural disasters related to flooding and earthquakes due to the yang water over yang earth nature of the Water Dragon year pillar. Yang water would be associated with flooding while yang earth is often associated with earthquakes. There are predictions that on December 21st of this year there may be a big earthquake due to the elements that will be present. History does show that there are earthquakes of large magnitude in Dragon years.

But this is supposed to be about Hurricane Sandy. What started me on this post was reading Cliff Mass’ blog: Hurricane Sandy’s Transformation.

What stands out:

  1. In relation to the North American continent, Sandy started in the SE. This is the Dragon direction. The storm will get even more destructive as it moves toward the Dog direction or NW. The Dog is sitting opposite the Dragon. They clash.
  2. Sandy starts as a tropical storm (warm) but becomes stronger when it switches from a storm with a warm core to a storm with a cold core. Is anyone else thinking of yin/yang right now? In ba zi or feng shui terms, the yin yang relationship intensifies the effect and makes the expression more powerful.
  3. Look at the pictures in the Cliff Mass post, especially the ones that show the temperature change – remind you of anything?
  4. Don’t forget about the Hunter’s Moon (October 2012 Full Moon). It’s a major player in the storm that is hitting the east coast tonight.

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