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Helleborus Orientalis or Lenten Rose 'Mardi Gras' Double Form

There is something about the hellebore that signals the real beginning of the gardening season for me. Maybe it’s just because it’s February and there it is – defiantly pristine in the mud, blooming and standing tall; reminding me that there are things going on out there and I am missing out. Maybe it’s because the incredible range of greens, purples, pinks, whites that can occur on just one plant evokes memories of favorite works of art or the most luscious fruits and vegetables you ever saw. Maybe the many variations of color, shape and texture of the hellebore’s foliage is the reason it lures me out into the rain. Or maybe it’s just that they are so easy to collect and it seems like there is always room for one more hellebore in the garden.

I’ll be writing a series of four posts over the next week or so to share my latest additions to the garden.