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I’m all in favor of getting rid of lawns when it comes to my garden. The only grass left in my landscape is the 4-5′ wide x 100′ long parking strip on the south side. My husband mows it and edges it but we never water it. There are lots of weeds in it. You can tell just by looking at it that we don’t value that grass. I’ve been considering alternatives to the grass but it’s a big project and a low priority compared to other things we’d like to change.


Yesterday I saw a commercial for Cutting Edge Grass that got me to reconsider getting rid of the lawn on the parking strip. What hooked me was the idea of grass that looks great, repairs itself, requires no mowing, and no-water once it’s established. It looks like it would effectively choke out the weeds too.because it boasts roots that grow 4 feet deep! The product is a blend of Kentucky blue grass seed and other grass seed. Most grasses propagate by means of seed but Kentucky blue grass is more aggressive because it spreads under the ground by way of rhizomes (like bamboo). You can’t really understand what the concept of “grass roots movement” means until you try to remove it.

My verdict: If you really, really want grass I think this would be the way to go – just don’t kid yourself that you will ever be able to get rid of it or that it won’t invade other areas where you don’t want grass. I’m still getting rid of that lawn some day.

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