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Water Snake PillarI’ve rounded up some of the more detailed forecasts for the year of the water snake 2013 and listed them by author. They are listed in no particular order. Some are forecasts based on your year animal or year pillar, others are forecasts of world events. These forecasts will also give you an idea of how different people use different timing systems to determine the new year. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

If you don’t know what your year animal is click here and enter your birthday including birth time if possible.

  1. Raymond Lo
  2. Edgar Lok Tin Yung predictions for Heaven Luck
  3. Edgar Lok Tin Yung predictions for Earth Luck
  4. Edgar Lok Tin Yung predictions for Man luck
  5. Richard Ashworth
  6. Bernice Low (aka BaZi Queen)
  7. Paul Ng (.pdf)
  8. Joey Yap
  9. Josephine Phang
  10. Kartar Diamond

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